Chaos Heritage

There are those with sorcerous talent who don't claim any special heritage, bloodline, or genes – they simply manifested the talent at random. This heritage is, perhaps, the closest to the base sorcerer; since the talent has no cause and no ancestry, there are no heritage abilities.

Chaos sorcerers are almost always neutral or chaotic in alignment, but since they can't tap into their heritage, they don't suffer the chance of greater influence like others (celestial and fiendish, for example). Their spells run the gamut, from bardic to clerical to wizard – their choices are as varied as they are.

A sorcerer with the Chaos heritage can choose from the following powers.

Alter Probability (Su): Sorcerers can use the chaos in their genes to choose an alternate outcome to their magic. At first their ability is limited – they are locked into the new outcome – but at higher levels, they can choose between outcomes. This ability can be used 3 + Cha times per day, total – if the sorcerer alters his own spell, then another's spell, that counts as two uses.

1st level, the sorcerer can reroll any damage roll or caster level check he makes with a spell, but he must use the second roll, no matter the result.

At 6th level, the sorcerer can alter the probabilities on another spellcaster's spell, but only if it affects him, directly or indirectly. For example, he could affect a fireball if he were in the area of effect, but not a ray of enfeeblement cast at a friend. As above, he can make the other spellcaster reroll the damage or caster level check, but the second roll must be used, for better or worse.

At 11th level, the sorcerer's ability to manipulate outcomes increases; he can freely choose between the two results and pick the better one.

At 16th level, the sorcerer can wait until the roll is made to decide whether or not to attempt a reroll – this simulates his ability to predict the outcome before it happens and choose another one.

Energy Bolt (Su): A Chaos sorcerer can draw upon the energy infusing him to create one or more small bolts of energy similar to magic missiles. He gains 1 bolt per class level (maximum 20), which can be targeted against any number of opponents. Each bolt deals hits automatically and deals 1d4 points of magical damage; any spell or effect that blocks magic missiles (a shield spell, e.g.) will also block these bolts. They deal damage normally against incorporeal creatures.

Metamagic Mastery: When the sorcerer chooses this ability, and every 5 levels thereafter (1st, 6th, 11th, and 16th), he gains a bonus metamagic feat.

Variable Magic (Su): A Chaos sorcerer can lend entropy to his magic, giving it unpredictable effects. As a rule, these are beneficial ones, but even the sorcerer can't say how good they'll be. He must declare the use of this ability beforehand, and it can't be altered using the Alter Probability power or any other ability that alters timelines, probabilities, or rolls – this is pure chaos at work, and it can't be altered or shaped. This ability can be used 3 + Cha bonus times per day as a free action, and affects the next spell cast.

At 1st level, a sorcerer can make his spells harder to resist – the DC gains a bonus of +0 to +3 (1d4-1).

At 6th level, the sorcerer gains a bonus of +1 to +4 on caster level checks.

At 11th level, the sorcerer can attempt to bypass 1-10 points of energy resistance.

At 16th level, the sorcerer can heighten a spell (as the feat) by 0-3 levels (1d4-1).

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