This section covers all the base and prestige classes available in Project Phoenix. All the revised classes also have discussion sections, where I talk about the changes I made and why. The Loremaster received no changes beyond those to make it compatible with Project Phoenix (skills and a couple abilities), so it has no discussion section. Any PrCs that don't appear here were dropped because they were rendered superfluous by changes to base classes.

Base Classes
Name Discussion
Bard Discussion
Cleric Discussion
Druid Discussion
Fighter Discussion
Monk Discussion
Monk Fighting Styles
Paladin Discussion
Ranger Discussion
Rogue Discussion
Sorcerer Discussion
Wizard Discussion

Prestige Classes

Name Description
Arcane Archer Archers who combine magic with their ranged attacks.
Arcane Trickster Rogue/mages who augment their thievery with magical talent.
Assassin A hired killer who will take on anyone if the price is right.
Berserker Unstoppable warriors whose killing fury is fueled by their rage.
Dark Guardian Warriors with the ability to manipulate shadow.
Dark Harlequin Bards whose music is infused with evil and negative energy.
Dark Heretic Evil clerics excommunicated from the church for heresy and granted power by evil beings.
Dwarven Defender A bastion of defense for the dwarven clanholds.
Eater of Flesh Spellcasters who gain power by eating the flesh of their enemies.
Fleshcrafter Characters who can replace missing limbs or create monstrous beings from an amalgam of parts.*
Gaia's Warden Druid/rangers dedicated to the defense and preservation of nature.
Hunter Part bounty hunter, part assassin, a Hunter is someone who will hunt anyone or anything - for a price.
Iceheart Assassins with the proverbial icewater in their veins.
Jack o' Shadows Bards who use the power of Shadow in their magic and music.
Jester Spy, entertainer, court fixture - a Jester is all of these and more.
Ley Line Channeler Divine casters who can tap into the power of ley lines.
Lich Knight An unholy paladin who gains great power by undergoing a transformation to undeath.
Lightbringer A character dedicated to fighting beings of darkness and shadow.
Loremaster Sage, scholar, font of knowledge, seeker of lost lore.
Lunar Huntsman Clerics or rangers who hunt down lycanthropes.
Magehunter Those dedicated to slaying arcane spellcasters.
Maleficus Lamnia Spellcaster/assassins who steal abilities from their victims.
Master of Blades One who is adept with small thrown blades of all types.
Meistersinger Bards who can use the power of their voice alone to great effect.
Minion of Set Cleric/assassins of the god of serpents.
Planar Binder Spellcasters who can summon/control all kinds of outsiders.
Reality Shifter Master of space and time.
Shadowdancer One who draws upon the shadows to evade attacks and entertain audiences alike.
Shadowfane The proverbial shadow mage.
Silent One Assassins who mastered the art of the silent kill.
Skald The archetypal "battle bard".
Souleater Ancient mystical assassins who are not living or dead, but something in between.
Spiritbinder Mages or clerics adept in summoning, controlling, and binding spirits.
Spiritblade Warriors who battle spirits on their own terms.
Stalker of the Sands Desert-based assassins.
Vermin Lord Druids who prefer vermin to normal animals.
Walker in Shadows Shadow-based rogue/assassin.

*This is a 14-page Word file (zipped) that also includes the half-golem template.

Miscellaneous Rules

Minions (Companions, familiars, and bonded mounts)


Multiclass Spellcasters

Prestige Class Discussion

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