Fey Heritage

The fey are noted for interbreeding with those of other races, mostly humans and elves. The children of such unions often don't know what they are until they display sorcerous talent.

Fey sorcerers tend toward the chaotic end of the spectrum due to the influence of their fey blood, but they can be of any alignment. Their spells are mostly bardic and druidic, with some wizard illusions tossed in for good measure.

A sorcerer with the Fey heritage can choose from the following innate powers.

Energy Shield (Su): The sorcerer can create a shield of ley energy around herself as a move action. The shield is greenish in color and gives off light equal to a faerie fire spell (and in fact may easily be mistaken for such); in actuality, it grants moderate SR (which increases to major SR at Level III and full SR at Level IV). This ability is usable 3 times per day; the shield lasts for 1 minute per class level.

Fey Charm (Su): A fey sorcerer's strength lies in her personality and her ability charm others and bend them to her will. All of these abilities are usable 3 times per day as a standard action, but the sorcerer can have only one being under her will at any given time (she can release control at any time as a free action). All abilities also have a range of 10 feet per class level, but once the charm has been established, sorcerer and subject can be any distance apart, as long as they are on the same plane. Fey charm is a mind-affecting effect.

At 1st level, with a mere flicker of her will, she can attempt to charm a humanoid that she can see (and who can see her). This is similar to the charm person spell, except that the sorcerer can also make a suggestion once per day. The charm lasts for 1 day per class level or until the sorcerer releases the target; it can make a new save each day to throw off the effect.

At 6th level, the sorcerer can exert greater influence over her targets; their attitude toward her is Helpful instead of Friendly. She can also make an additional suggestion each day.

At 11th level, a sorcerer can exert her influence over others through sheer force of will. This is a good deal less subtle than her charm ability, but more effective – she has full control of the subject's actions, but it can make a Will save to throw off the effects if she gives it a command that goes against its nature or that is self-destructive (she can't order someone to kill himself directly, but she can tell him to engage in an activity that could well result in his death). This ability lasts for only 10 minutes per class level due to the target's resistance; it can make a new save every hour to throw off the effects.

At 16th level, the sorcerer's charm has increased to the point where those bound to her effectively have a Fanatic attitude. A charmed subject looks upon her with open adoration and will defend her against any threats without being asked; he will happily do his best to accomplish any task she asks of him, even if it will result in serious injury or death. The power of the charm is such that even if the subject makes a successful Will save, it doesn't totally throw off the charm – its attitude is only reduced to Helpful. A second save will negate the charm completely, however.

Fey Glamer (Su): Like her fey ancestors, the sorcerer has the ability to create illusions to mislead others. Creating an illusion is a standard action and can be used 3 + Cha bonus times per day unless otherwise noted below. Anyone interacting with the illusion can make a Will save as normal to disbelieve it.

At 1st level, the sorcerer can cloak herself with an illusion, masking her true form. She can appear to be up to 1 foot taller or shorter, or appear to be a member of any race she knows or has seen that fits the size requirements. It doesn't provide tactile elements, however – someone interacting with her can make a Will save to see through the illusion. The illusion lasts for 10 minutes per class level or until dismissed.

At 6th level, the sorcerer can create an illusion of an object, creature, or effect she knows or has seen; it can be no larger than 20 cubic feet per class level (a Medium creature is about 10 cubic feet), but has sound and smell. The illusion can be made to follow a routine (which doesn't require her control), or she can consciously control it. In either case, the illusion lasts for 1 minute per class level or until dismissed.

At 11th level, the sorcerer's illusions become semi-real. Even to someone who successfully disbelieves them, they are 20% real – illusionary creatures deal 20% of normal damage and have 20% of their hit points, spells deal 20% damage, etc.

At 16th level, the sorcerer can create large-scale illusions covering one 10-foot cube per class level. The illusion can be indoors, outdoors, or a combination thereof, and can create any objects, creatures, etc. that she can visualize, including buildings, plants, lights/fires, but not natural hazards. She can create only one creature per point of her Charisma bonus, however, and they cannot speak (though they can make sounds like roars, screams, etc.). This ability requires a full round to initiate and can be used 3 times per day; the illusion lasts for 10 minutes per level or until dismissed.

Levin Bolt (Su): A Fey sorcerer can draw upon ley energy to manifest levin bolts, missiles of greenish energy. The bolts can be directed against any number of enemies and require a ranged touch attack to hit. They deal 1d6 points of positive energy damage, plus her Charisma bonus, each (undead take double damage). The sorcerer starts with two bolts and gains another one every 4 levels after choosing this ability.

Instead of launching the energy as a bolt, she can absorb it, healing herself of the same amount of damage, or she can channel it to touch another being. If the target is living, it is healed for the above amount of hit points; a touch attack on undead inflicts that much damage. Unwilling targets are granted a Will save for half.

In either case, this ability is usable at will.

Heritage Abilities

As a Fey sorcerer gains levels, she can increase the power of her abilities, but this power manifests itself as changes to her physical form.

Level I: The sorcerer's eyes turn blue, green, silver, or violet; if they were already one of those colors, they turn a deeper shade. Her innate powers are adjusted as follows:

  • The range of her levin bolts increases by 10 feet.
  • Her energy shield grants resistance 5 against negative energy and a +2 bonus on Fort saves against ability loss from negative energy and energy drain.

Level II: The sorcerer's hair turns silver, gold, pale green, or violet, and her Dex score increases by +1. Her innate powers are adjusted as follows:

  • Her charm becomes harder to resist; the save DC for all charm abilities increases by 2.
  • She can cloak another (willing) creature of Medium size or smaller, or an object up to 20 cubic feet in size, in an illusion, subject to the restrictions noted above under Fey Illusion.

Level III: The sorcerer's skin takes on a golden, silver, pale green, or faint blue hue (depending on her specific heritage; default is silver). Her innate powers are adjusted as follows:

  • The range of her levin bolts increases by 10 feet.
  • Her energy shield grants resistance 10 against negative energy and a +4 bonus on Fort saves against ability and level drain.

Level IV: The sorcerer's features become finer, almost elfin, and her skin turns golden or silver; her Charisma score increases by 1. Her innate powers are adjusted as follows:

  • The sorcerer's charm becomes harder to resist; she gains a +2 to the save DC for all charm abilities.
  • All of the sorcerer's illusions contain a tactile element, making them harder to disbelieve; the DC for such spells increases by +2.
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