Fiendish Heritage

Members of any race can have fiendish blood, as fiends are none too picky about their partners (and often, many of the mortal races are either seduced by a succubus or willingly bear children by a demonic father). They tend toward natural or evil alignments because of the influence of their genes; as they tap their inner source for more power, it becomes harder to resist the pull toward evil (see Heritage Abilities, below).

Fiendish sorcerers' spells are mostly clerical and wizardly.

A sorcerer with the Fiendish heritage can choose from the following powers.

Aura of Power (Su): The sorcerer gains an aura of power, a manifestation of his will and inner strength. It provides her with a measure of protection. The aura of power is a semi-visible hemisphere of energy whose color is related to the sorcerer's alignment – gold for lawful, silvery for neutral, or bronze for chaotic; all of them are tinged with black – that extends in a 1-foot radius. It can be called into being by simple act of will as a move action, 3 times per day; it lasts for 1 minute per class level.

At 1st level, the aura grants the sorcerer a +2 deflection bonus to Armor Class and a +2 resistance bonus to saves against attacks made or effects created by good creatures.

At 6th level, the aura grants fire and acid resistance 10.

At 11th level, the aura extends out to 10 feet around the sorcerer and provides the Armor Class and save bonuses to any allies in its area of effect.

At 16th level, the aura provides a +4 bonus to Armor Class and saves, and major spell resistance against good spells and spells from good sources. These bonuses apply only to the sorcerer, but the aura still provides the lesser bonuses to allies (see above).

Dark Speech (Su): A fiendish sorcerer can call upon his outsider heritage to infuse his words with dark power. All saves against dark speech are Will, DC 10 + 1/2 class level + Cha modifier. Dark speech is a sonic, mind-affecting power that can be used 3 + Cha bonus times per day.

At 1st level, the dark speech can be targeted against a single creature, who must be within 30 feet and able to hear the sorcerer. If it fails a Will save, it becomes shaken with fear and suffers a -2 penalty to all rolls for 1 minute.

At 6th level, the sorcerer's dark speech becomes more powerful; if the target's Will save fails, it flees for 1 minute as if panicked. If forced into a corner, it can fight, but it suffers a -4 penalty to all rolls and will attempt to flee if given the chance.

At 11th level, the sorcerer can pronounce a curse against one creature he can see within 10 feet per class level. The creature need not be able to see (or even hear) the sorcerer, but it can still make a Will save to avoid the effect. If the save fails, it suffers a -4 penalty to all rolls for 1 hour, and the next check or save it makes (if made within the next hour) automatically fails. A creature cannot be under the effect of more than one curse at a time; if the sorcerer pronounces a second one against the same creature, it has no effect and that use is wasted.

At 16th level, the sorcerer can utter a blasphemy once per day. This takes one use of the dark speech power.

Hellfire (Su): A fiendish sorcerer can infuse himself with hellfire as a free action. A sorcerer holding hellfire is easy to spot for those who know what to look for – his eyes have a slight orange glow, the air around her becomes warm, and she glows with an elemental aura if spells or effects that detect magic are used. While channeling hellfire, the sorcerer can't cast any spells or use spell-like abilities, as it would interfere with her control.

This ability is usable 3 + Cha bonus times per day. He can let the hellfire drain away at any time (this doesn’t count as a use), unleash it as a bolt of energy, or make a touch attack, infusing a creature or object with the hellfire and causing it to burst into flame. Releasing the hellfire is a free action; using a bolt or touch attack is a standard action.

A hellfire bolt is a ray of fiery energy that can strike a creature within 40 feet and deals 1d6 points of fire damage per class level, plus his Charisma bonus. The sorcerer must make a ranged touch attack to hit; there is no save to mitigate the damage, but spell resistance allows a Fort save (DC 10 + 1/2 class level + Cha modifier) for half damage.

If the sorcerer chooses to make a touch attack, he deals 2d6 fire damage and the creature or object bursts into flames, taking an additional 1d6 points of fire damage per round until extinguished (a DC 15 Reflex save will suffice). Good-aligned creatures take +1 point per die of damage due to the fire's infernal origin.

Summon Fiendish Ally (Su): Three times per day, the sorcerer can call upon her fiendish relatives for aid. The DM can choose a fiendish creature or an appropriate demon or devil; the creature's ECL cannot exceed the sorcerer's class level, and it cannot be a unique being in any case. The sorcerer can summon a specific being (a vrock or fiendish dire tiger, for instance), but this requires a Concentration check (DC 10 + ECL), and the above restriction applies. The creature is under the sorcerer's control and remains for 5 rounds, +1 round per 3 class levels, or until it is slain or dismissed, then vanishes.

Heritage Abilities

As a Fiendish sorcerer gains levels, she can increase the power of her abilities, but this power manifests itself as changes to her physical form. At each level of change, she must make a Will save (DC 15, +5 per level after the first) or suffer an alignment shift of one step toward evil.

Level I: The sorcerer's eyes change to golden yellow with vertical pupils, and she gains low-light vision. Her innate powers are adjusted as follows:

  • The DC for her dark speech increases by +2.
  • The range of her hellfire bolt increases by 10 feet.

Level II: The sorcerer gains resistance to fire and acid 5, and her Strength score increases by 1. Her innate powers are adjusted as follows:

  • The ECL of creatures she can summon increases to class level +1.
  • She can infuse her spells with hellfire; for damage-dealing spells, 1 point per die is changed to divine damage. There is no save to avoid this damage. A spell infused with hellfire is easy to spot, as the energy is laced with red-orange and black.

Level III: The sorcerer gains small horns, which poke out of her forehead, and her Con increases by +1. Her innate powers are adjusted as follows:

  • When using her dark speech, all creatures within 20 feet must make Will saves or be shaken for 1d6 rounds from the sorcerer's power. This does not apply to the blasphemy.
  • The range of her hellfire bolt increases by 10 feet.

Level IV: The sorcerer's skin turns dark red, dark gray, or black (depending on its original color) and becomes tougher; she gains a +1 bonus to natural armor and a +4 racial bonus to Intimidate checks due to her appearance. Her innate powers are adjusted as follows:

  • The ECL of creatures she can summon increases to class level +2.
  • Her aura of power grants even greater benefits; if a good-aligned creature makes a successful melee attack against the sorcerer, it suffers 1d4 points of Strength damage (a DC 20 Fort save negates).
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