There's not a whole lot to say here. I ditched all the +2/+2 feats right off, because a lot of them were rendered superfluous by the changes to the skill system, and the rest were easily handled by a single feat - Jack of All Trades. The item creation feats were likewise dropped due to changes in how magic items were created.

Dodge got changed to a flat +1 bonus, per the popular house rule; I decided you could take it multiple times, to help the fast, light-armored PCs like rogues and monks. Mobility was changed to "provokes no AoOs" instead of "+4 to AC vs. AoOs", making it much more useful also. Power Attack was capped at +5, just like Combat Expertise. The "+2 to a save" feats now stack, making them more useful. Toughness was likewise changed to +2 hp, +1/level to make it valuable at any level (and much moreso than now).

Since I got rid of a whole bunch of feats, I had to add new ones. Also, since I was folding the epic rules into the core, I had a whole host of stuff to choose from. I rooted around in the SRD and found a load of feats in the psionics and divine sections also; along with the stuff I'd written myself, this added just over a hundred new feats (196 total, as of this writing). The melee classes in particular get a huge boost - Aerial Mounted Combat, Improved Combat Movement, Improved Finesse, Improved Offense, Indomitable, Power Critical, all the new rage feats and the archery feats, along with the divine feats for paladins.

Of these, Improved Finesse and Offense are combinations of lesser feats - Finesse combines Imp. Disarm, Feint, and Trip, while Offense combines Imp. Bull Rush and Overrun. Sundering was changed to simply attacking an item (which is what it should have been to start with); the Precise Strike feat deals with that now. I got this idea from a random post on the Pathfinder forums and thought it a good one - why have umpteen different feats for all these maneuvers when you can simply have one or two? Pathfinder runs all the combat abilities off Strength, but I split disarm and trip off to Dex and feint to use Int; having Combat Expertise be a prereq (even though it requires Int) made sense.

Improved Combat Movement is a much-needed high-level fighter feat, and a really badass one at that - it enables a fighter to move AND make a full attack, just like a high-level monk can now move and make a full flurry. I came up with Indomitable when I was doing the monk; at first it was going to be a Mountain Style ability, but I thought it would be better as a generic feat. Power Critical was, I think, inspired by a random post.

The remainder of the new feats are a variety of stuff - Extra Form for druids, Fighting Style Ability for the monks, Master Artificer and Crafter for the crafters, Penetrating Shot and Snap Shot for rangers, and ritual feats for the spellcasters. All of these are my own creations, though I borrowed the concept for Penetrating Shot from the PHB II.

As for the epic feats… I cut about a third of what was there. Most of those were rendered superfluous by rules changes; just over a dozen were either overpowered or just plain worthless, and a few were overpowered without the epic requirement - Additional Magic Item Space and Energy Resistance. I just couldn't justify adding a character level - any level - as a prereq, so out they went.

The final count, if anyone cares: 81 from the PHB, 8 from the PsiHB, 80 from the ELH, 6 divine, and 20 of my own.

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