Magic weapons have enhancement bonuses ranging from +1 to +5. They apply these bonuses to both attack and damage rolls when used in combat. All magic armor is at least standard craftsmanship, and most is mastercraft, gaining a +1 craft bonus to attack rolls, which stacks with the enhancement bonus.

Weapons come in two basic categories: melee and ranged. Some of the weapons listed as melee weapons can also be used as ranged weapons. In this case, their enhancement bonus applies to either type of attack.

In addition to an enhancement bonus, weapons may have special abilities. Special abilities count as additional bonuses for determining the market value of the item, but do not modify attack or damage bonuses (except where specifically noted). A single weapon cannot have a total market value higher than +10. A weapon with a special ability must have at least a +1 enhancement bonus. The total market value of additional enhancements cannot be more than twice the item's enhancement bonus (for example, a +2 longsword can't have additional enchantments totalling more than +4).

A weapon or a kind of ammunition may be made of an unusual material. Roll d%: 01–95 indicates that the item is of a standard sort, and 96–100 indicates that it is made of a special material.

Caster Level for Weapons: The caster level of a weapon with a special ability is given in the item description. For an item with only an enhancement bonus and no other abilities, the caster level is four times the enhancement bonus. If an item has both an enhancement bonus and a special ability, the higher of the two caster level requirements must be met.

Additional Damage Dice: Some magic weapons deal additional dice of damage. Unlike other modifiers to damage, additional dice of damage are not multiplied when the attacker scores a critical hit.

Ranged Weapons and Ammunition: The enhancement bonus from a ranged weapon does not stack with the enhancement bonus from ammunition; only the higher of the two enhancement bonuses applies.

Ammunition fired from a projectile weapon with an enhancement bonus of +1 or higher is treated as a magic weapon for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction. Similarly, ammunition fired from a projectile weapon with an alignment gains the alignment of that projectile weapon (in addition to any alignment it may already have).

Magic Ammunition and Breakage: When a magic arrow, crossbow bolt, or sling bullet misses its target, there is a 50% chance it breaks or otherwise is rendered useless. A magic arrow, bolt, or bullet that hits is destroyed.

Light Generation: Fully 30% of magic weapons shed light equivalent to a light spell (bright light in a 20-foot radius, shadowy light in a 40-foot radius). These glowing weapons are quite obviously magical. Such a weapon can't be concealed when drawn, nor can its light be shut off. Some of the specific weapons detailed below always or never glow, as defined in their descriptions.

Hardness and Hit Points: An attacker cannot damage a magic weapon unless his own weapon has at least as high an enhancement bonus as the weapon struck. Each +1 of enhancement bonus also adds 1 to the weapon's hardness and 5 to its hit points.

Activation: Usually a character benefits from a magic weapon in the same way a character benefits from a mundane weapon - by attacking with it. If a weapon has a special ability that the user needs to activate, then he usually needs to utter a command word (a standard action).

Magic Weapons and Critical Hits: Some weapon qualities and some specific weapons have an extra effect on a critical hit. This special effect functions against creatures resistant or immune to critical hits, such as undead, elementals, and constructs. When fighting against such creatures, roll for critical hits as you would against humanoids or any other creature subject to critical hits. On a successful critical roll, apply the special effect as normal.

Table 1: Weapons

Weapon Bonus Base Price1
+1 2,000 gp
+2 8,000 gp
+3 16,000 gp
+4 32,000 gp
+5 50,000 gp
+6 108,000 gp
+7 196,000 gp
+8 384,000 gp
+9 648,000 gp
+10 1,000,000 gp
+11 1,452,000 gp
+12 2,016,000 gp
+13 2,704,000 gp
+14 3,528,000 gp
+15 4,500,000 gp
+16 5,632,000 gp
+17 6,936,000 gp
+18 8,424,000 gp
+19 10,108,000 gp
+20 12,000,000 gp

1 This price is for 50 arrows, crossbow bolts, or sling bullets.

Table 2: Melee Weapons
Weapon Cost1 Weapon Cost1
Axe, orc double +210 gp Longsword +115 gp
Battleaxe +110 gp Mace, light +55 gp
Club +100 gp Mace, heavy +112 gp
Chain, spiked +170 gp Morningstar +58 gp
Crossbow, hand +300 gp Net +170 gp
Crossbow, repeating +300 gp Nunchaku +52 gp
Dagger +52 gp Pick, heavy +108 gp
Dagger, punching +51 gp Pick, light +54 gp
Falchion +225 gp Quarterstaff +150 gp
Flail, dire +240 gp Rapier +120 gp
Flail, heavy +165 gp Ranseur +160 gp
Flail, light +108 gp Sap +51 gp
Gauntlet +52 gp Scimitar +115 gp
Gauntlet, spiked +55 gp Scythe +168 gp
Glaive +158 gp Shortspear +101 gp
Greataxe +170 gp Shuriken +51 gp
Greatclub +155 gp Sickle +106 gp
Greatsword +200 gp Spear +152 gp
Guisarme +159 gp Sword, bastard +135 gp
Halberd +160 gp Sword, short +60 gp
Hammer, gnome hooked +170 gp Sword, two-bladed >+250 gp
Hammer, light +51 gp Trident +65 gp
Handaxe +56 gp Urgrosh, dwarven +200 gp
Kama +52 gp Waraxe, dwarven +80 gp
Kukri +58 gp Warhammer +62 gp
Lance +160 gp Whip +51 gp
Longspear +155 gp

1 Add to enhancement bonus on Table 1: Weapons to determine total market price. This price assumes a +1 craft bonus.

Table 3: Ranged Weapons
Weapon Cost1
Ammunition (roll again):
Arrows (50) +31 gp
Bolts, crossbow (50) +31 gp
Bullets, sling (50) +4 gp 5 sp
Axe, throwing +58 gp
Crossbow, heavy +200 gp
Crossbow, light +85 gp
Dart +2 gp
Javelin +31 gp
Shortbow +180 gp
Shortbow, composite (+1 Str bonus) +180 gp
Shortbow, composite (+2 Str bonus) +330 gp
Sling +50 gp
Longbow +225 gp
Longbow, composite (+1 Str bonus) +225 gp
Longbow, composite (+2 Str bonus) +375 gp
Longbow, composite (+3 Str bonus) +675 gp
Longbow, composite (+4 Str bonus) +1,275 gp

1 Add to enhancement bonus on Table 1: Weapons to determine total market price. This price assumes a +1 craft bonus, except for composite bows.

Weapons for Unusually Sized Creatures: The cost of weapons for creatures who are neither Small nor Medium varies. The cost of the masterwork quality and any magical enhancement remains the same.

Special Qualities: Roll d%. If the item is a melee weapon, a 01–30 result indicates that the item sheds light, 31–45 indicates that something (a design, inscription, or the like) provides a clue to the weapon's function, and 46–100 indicates no special qualities.

If the item is a ranged weapon, a 01–15 result indicates that something (a design, inscription, or the like) provides a clue to the weapon's function, and 16–100 indicates no special qualities.

Specific Weapons

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