While the vast majority of the work here is my own, I did have some help on certain aspects from various people. I like to give credit where credit is due, so thanks to all of the people listed below. Apologies if I've forgotten you; I know 'm missing a few names, so if you're on that list, drop me a line and let me know.

Aboyd: For the Shadow sorcerer bloodline - great idea.

Celebrim: For convincing me the fighter and rogue really did suck, and helping me make the fighter better.

EjoThims: For tearing down and helping me rebuild various parts of this system, most especially the fighter's combat styles, the combat maneuvers (several of which are his), and for helping me think big instead of small.

Eldritch Lord: For help and input with the monk.

Hawken: For help with the Heal skill, the SR rules (his idea originally, but I helped refine it; it doesn't look much like what we started with), and the wizard.

Jason Bulmahn: For the grapple rules, which appeared in an early iteration of Pathfinder Alpha and were later dropped.

nonsi256: For the fighter's Combat Focus ability, and for lots of feedback and suggestions on the fighter and ranger.

Primitive Screwhead: For help with the old 3.5 Spot system, which got adapted to the new rules.

Reveille: For that final druid ability (hibernation) I needed to complete it.

Sylrae: Without him, the monk probably wouldn't be done, and definitely wouldn't look as good as it does. He gave me the idea to base it on the Avatar benders (which I'd never heard of before he mentioned it), did the tables for unarmed attacks and AC, and was instrumental in making the monk a non-wuxia class. He also helped on several smaller matters with input and advice.

The author of the Great Iron Heroes Hack site: (Hong, I think): For the ability I adapted for the fighter's Lord of Battle, and the ranger's Killing Shot.

Upper Krust: For his most excellent Challenge Rating system, monster creation rules, the Automatic Metamagic Capacity feat, and putting up with my questions and comments.

ValhallaGH: For advice and input on the fighter and ranger.

Wikidot: For making a site that suited my needs so well.

Various people whose names I don't know or can't recall: For various ideas posted on messageboards that never found a home, but which I shamelessly stole and adapted to my own ends. Thank you all.

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