Scrolls of the Lesser Masters

The Lesser Masters are lesser-known spellcasters - living, dead, or undead - who have at least ten spells to their credit and/or have created a new prestige class. Some of them lived and died in earlier ages, their spells their only legacy; many, however, are currently living and following their own agendas.

The personae presented here can be used as allies or enemies of the PCs. Each has a brief bio, including background, main classes, tactics, appearance, personality, and spells; many also have levels in one of the prestige classes on this site (this is noted in the bio). Stats and levels are purposely omitted so that a DM can customize them for his party. It should be noted that since these are lesser-known spellcasters, their spells are not necessarily widely known and can not be immediately available to the players. Instead, they could encounter these spells either through an NPC (either one of these characters, or someone else) using them on the party, by finding them in a captured spellbook or lost scroll, or perhaps learned from a tutor. Some of the spells (also noted in the bios) are unique to the caster.

The Lesser Masters

Anaya Stormborn




Jasya Mellaine






Velara Hightree



Zoe Malene

Declaration of Open Game Content: All of the names and bios presented in this section are closed content. Permission is granted to use these characters' names as they appear in existing spell names (for example, you could use Alita's seeking arrow, but you cannot create a new spell using Alita's name). This permission extends to magic items that use said spells or include them in their manufacture.

Scrolls of the Lesser Masters is a book I worked on, off and on, for about five years. It was originally slated for publication sometime around late 2003, but then complications arose when we cut ties with our publisher at the time. I continued to work on it nonetheless, adding and refining the content, stealing spells and PrCs from other sources of my own, or adding things that didn't fit anywhere else.

A couple years ago, I finally decided that I would simply release it for free as a netbook, but I had to "finish" it - my goal was at least 10 spells per caster, and I hadn't quite reached that. After I upgraded my computer in the fall of 2008, I had to reinstall all my programs; unfortunately, I didn't have MS Office, so I had to buy a new copy (MS Home and Student). For some perverted reason, it won't work on my computer, and I detest Open Office's version of Word - it just makes me want to tear my hair out. I despaired of ever getting this thing released to the masses… and then it hit me - why not just cut everything out and put it up on the site as single, interlinked pieces? So I did.

"Lesser Masters" was originally intended to refer to spellcasters who hadn't reached 20th caster level, but as I kept working on this book and creating new spells, several of them were 8th and 9th level - which meant the person who'd created them was very likely 20th level or above. When you add in the fact that most of these folks are (or were) 20th character level anyway, and a couple (Caladaar and Krevik) have legendary spells, and it really became pointless, so I just ditched the "non-legendary spellcaster" part, though I kept the main title for nostalgia reasons.

Of the NPCs listed above, two of them (Krevik and Mirabeth) were actually my PCs. Krevik was one of the first PCs I played after changing over to 3E, and one of my favorite characters; though I only technically got him to 11th level (Adp 5/Wiz 3/Spiritbinder 3), I made up all sorts of spells for him, including a few legendary ones. Mirabeth dates from the days of 2E, a cleric of the goddess of the hunt with a hatred for lycanthropes. I tweaked her a bit to fit her present incarnation; the Lunar Huntsman is one of my favorite PrCs. Zoe Malene is the remnant of a book on blood magic; the majority of it was someone else's content, but I took the parts that I'd created and converted them. Since it's a new type of magic, I couldn't just slip it in with the other spells, so I decided to make a new Lesser Master for them. Vilnai, along with some of his spells, was submitted by David Gallant (of Gallantry Productions) back when we thought it might still be published; several other of his spells are courtesy of Shawn Muder, aka KingOfChaos, from Realms of Evil. The rest of the NPCs are completely made up, and completely my creations, as is all the other material.

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