Ley Lines

Ley lines are lines of power that criss-cross the earth. They are rumored by some to be fonts of power from Gaia herself, while others contend that they are merely a different form of magic like the Weave (just more nature-oriented), and yet others say that the ley lines are powered by the presence of life on a planet and that when a creature dies, its spiritual energy goes back into the lines to continue the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. Druids, among others, have been known to build rings or groves on the site of ley line nexuses – places where two or more ley lines cross, and where the ley power is greatly magnified. These druids have also learned over time to tap into the lines and use the power thus gained to cast spells and other magical effects. They of course keep this a closely-guarded secret – mages and sorcerers already have a source of magical power, and if they were to gain access to another, it would upset the balance.

Ley lines are invisible and can only be sensed by a Ley Line Channeler, or by the detect ley line spell. An individual ley line is typically 10 feet wide and can run anywhere from 1-60 miles in length, though few are much more than 1d20 miles long (for a random determination of line length, roll percentile dice: 01-75% - 1d20 miles; 76-95 – 2d20 miles; 96-00% - 3d20 miles). They are actually a manifestation of the power of Gaia, the Earth Mother; as long as the planet is alive, the ley lines remain strong. This is also why one will never find ley lines in dead magic areas or areas that have been purged of all life (i.e., wastelands).

Ley Line Channelers are those who have learned to tap into and use the power of ley lines. Not only does contact with a ley line grant a Channeler abilities, but it also grants her more power for her spells:

  • A Ley Line Channeler standing on a line gains a +2 bonus to the save DC for her spells (or +2 to caster level checks, if applicable);
  • During a solstice or equinox, all ley effects cast during these days while in contact with a ley line are doubled in duration and power, and the save DCs against such effects (if applicable) have a +6 circumstance bonus. A Channeler can draw twice as much energy from a line as normal, and additional uses of abilities are at half cost (see below for notes on drawing extra power).

Ley Line Nexuses

A ley line nexus is a place where two or more ley lines converge on a single point, a place of great power to those who can tap into it. The vast majority of nexuses are only two to four lines, though one can (rarely) find nexuses with up to ten (roll percentile dice: 1-75%: 1d4+1 lines; 76-80%: 1d6 lines; 81-85%: 1d6+1 lines; 86-90%: 2d4 lines; 91-95%: 2d4+1 lines; 95-100: 1d8+2 lines). A nexus has a power rating equal to the number of lines that form it and has the following powers:

  • A circle of power scribed in a ley nexus gains the nexus' power rating as an enhancement bonus to its power level (the scriber uses only the circle's original power level for determining whether or not he can activate it, however). For example, if Herne scribes a L8 circle on a 4-line nexus, it's considered a L12 circle, but only L8 for purposes of activating and controlling it.
  • During solstices and equinoxes, there is a flat 5% chance of a gate (in this case, a planar rift) to a random plane opening at a nexus point at sunrise; the gate lasts for one hour, unless closed prematurely. Planar binding rituals cast at a nexus during this time (whether or not there is a gate) automatically succeed (i.e., there is no save); gate spells do not require the caster's concentration to remain open, though the caster can still close the gate at will.

Ley Line Channelers

A Ley Line Channeler standing on a nexus gains the following benefits:

  • +4 to the DC for her ley line abilities, and her ley powers are considered empowered, where applicable;
  • Can enter any line entering the nexus as a move action for free;
  • Can read any line entering the nexus as a standard action for free;
  • The DC for blocking a ley line is lowered to 10, and the character gains a +4 circumstance bonus to opposed rolls to force or keep others out.
  • The character can draw upon the energy of the line, storing power points for usage later. She can store up to twice her normal allowed maximum. While her ley power point reserves remain above her normal maximum, she cannot draw more power unless she is tapped into the nexus or a ley node – all excess power points must be spent before she can draw more power. Extra energy gained in this manner lasts until expended. During solstices and equinoxes, the amount increases to triple maximum.

The above abilities stack with those granted by tapping into a ley node.

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