This is the catch-all section for everything that doesn't fit anywhere else. This is mostly for oddball rules, netbooks, and other stuff I came with over the years either on a whim or for a supplement that was never completed.

Project Phoenix

Project Phoenix Changelog (what's changed in this system)

Credits A list of all the folks to whom I owe thanks.

Random Rules

Circles of Power. Rules for circles of power, and using them to summon and bind outsiders.

The Guild of Shadows. An organization based on the Plane of Shadow.

Cohorts and Followers. Revised rules for use with the Leadership feat for cohorts and followers.

Garroting and Chokeholds. Rules for using garrotes and applying chokeholds.

Hirelings. Rules for hirelings, henchmen, sages, and soldiers.

Ley Lines. Rules for ley lines and their use.

Possession and Exorcism. Rules for possession by spirits or other entities, and how to force them out.

Reputation. Rules for using and applying reputation for PCs, NPCs, and organizations.

Scrolls of the Lesser Masters. A list of spellcasters and the spells they've created.

Netbooks and Files

Challenging Challenge Ratings, v5. This is Upper Krust's work, to which I make numerous references. It's a system for determining CRs broken down by rating individual abilities - very accurate.

Excel Auto-calc Character Sheet. Just the thing to keep track of your PC's stats, XP, gear, and everything else you need. Includes tabs for psionics, magic items, spells, and animal companions/familiars.

Excel Auto-calc DM sheet. A small auto-calc quick-reference sheet for the DM to keep track of important NPCs or monsters.

How to Create a Prestige Class. An article that goes through the process of creating a PrC, step by step.

Project Phoenix compilation. All the base files in HTML format. This compilation does not currently include the legendary rules; spells and monsters are in Word doc format.

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