New Monsters

These monsters are listed separately from the others because many of them are linked from other pages on this site, and I felt it easier to simply keep them on their own pages.


Name Type ECL
Black Oak Undead 11
Bloodwraith Undead 5
Bone Juggernaut Construct 17
Bone Weird Undead 9
Crimson Harvester Vermin 2
Darkweaver Outsider 6
Drake Dragon 11
Gate Guardian Construct 5
Gatekeeper Construct 17
Ghoul Lord (template) Undead +6
Goldbug Vermin 1/10
Golem, Bloodstone Construct 10
Golem, Doppelganger Construct 11
Golem, Living Steel Construct 12
Hoar Ghost Undead 6
Hound of Zagada Undead 4
Hungry Mist Undead 7
Ice Maiden Construct 4
Lesser Mummy (template) Undead +2
Lich Knight (template) Undead +4
Living Spell (template) Construct +9
Lycanthrope, Werecobra (template) Any +3
Manscorpion Aberration 4
Minor Death Undead 26
Sandwraith Undead 4
Soul Reaver Outsider 13
Stone Spider Vermin 3
Swarm, Scorpion Vermin 6
Swarm, Hornet Vermin 6
Swarm, Skull Undead 18
Swarm, Spider Vermin 7
Swarm, Stirge Magical beast 8
Umbral Creature (template) Any +1
Vampire, Arrikhan (template) Undead +5
Vampire, Flayed One (template) Undead +6
Vampire, Sanguine (template) Undead +4
Vampire, Shadow (template) Undead +9
Vegepygmy Plant 2
Wealthwight Undead 5
Wood Troll Giant 4
Zombie, Graveworm (template) Undead 1/2 HD -1
Zombie, Plague (template) Undead 1/2 HD -1
Zombie, Red Death (template) Undead 1/2 HD -1
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