All of the following use the standard zombie template. For purposes of simplicity, only changes from the base template are noted below, under the individual entry.

Zombie, Graveworm

Graveworm zombies are very rare undead created by infecting a living host with graveworms, small parasitic creatures that resemble overgrown maggots (see Chapter 3). The worms burrow under the victim's skin until they reach the heart or the brain, killing it and turning it into a mindless zombie. Fortunately, the worms continue to feed on the corpse even as they use it to seek out new hosts, so graveworm zombies seldom last more than a week or so before falling apart, but they usually find at least one creature to infect in that time.

A graveworm zombie is easy to spot – it appears as a ragged, rotting corpse-like creature with maggots crawling out of its orifices and open wounds, if any. Graveworm zombies are mindless, but will always seek out living beings to infect.

Like plague zombies (see below), graveworm zombies are sometimes created by evil necromancers, but employing such things often backfires, creating an uncontrollable plague of zombies. God-aligned races destroy them whenever possible by the most expedient means possible – usually the application of large amounts of fire or holy water, but a parasite purge spell is also effective – a targeted spell will destroy a single zombie, or destroy all loose graveworms in the area of effect, preventing them from finding new hosts.

Special Attacks: A graveworm zombie retains all the special attacks of the base creature and also gains those listed below.

Infestation (Ex): Any time a graveworm zombie strikes a living being, or a living strikes the zombie with an unarmed attack or natural attack, the living being must make a Fort save (DC 15) or become infested with 1d4 graveworms.

ECL: 1/2 HD - 1

Zombie, Juju

Juju zombies are the end result of someone dying from black shakes, a disease that weakens the body against negative energy. Unlike other zombies, they retain a spark of intelligence, and their bodies are much better preserved - they have tough, leathery skin, can move at full speed, and even have some degree of manual dexterity. The negative energy that infuses them grants them a hatred of all living things, like other undead.

Juju zombies cannot speak, but can understand any languages they could in life.

Special Qualities: Juju zombies can act normally - they are not limited to a single move or standard action each round.

Abilities: Change from the base creature as follows: Strength +3, Dex -2, Int reduced to 3, Wis changes to 10, and Cha is reduced to 2. As undead creatures, juju zombies have no Con score.

ECL: 1/2 HD

Zombie, Plague

Plague zombies are the undead remains of those who have died of disease. Animating a disease victim always results in a plague zombie; certain diseases also cause their victims to rise after death as plague zombies. Plague zombies typically appear as rotting, infectious creatures exhibiting the symptoms of the disease that killed them. They are only employed rarely by necromancers, as they are equally dangerous to the one who animated them as they are to others. Good creatures always hunt down and destroy these abominations wherever they are discovered, often by fire, acid, or holy water to prevent their afflictions from spreading. Many foul diseases long thought extinct have been resurrected by a necromancer inadvertently or deliberately animating the body of a plague victim. Often, the necromancer pays for his actions by being among the first victims of the disease.

Special Attacks: A plague zombie retains all the special attacks of the base creature and also gains those listed below.

Disease (Ex): Plague zombies can infect their victims with the same disease they had in life with a successful melee attack. The save DC is the same as for the disease.

ECL: 1/2 HD - 1

Zombie, Red Death

Red death zombies are the victims of the crimson scourge, also known as the red death. Crimson scourge epidemics are widely feared, though thankfully rare; the spell that inflicts this horrid disease has been purged from common knowledge and most texts, though there are some who still know of it and employ it on occasion.

Red death zombies appear much as they did in life, save that they are always dripping blood (no matter how much blood a red death zombie seems to lose, it always has more). Since the crimson scourge affects only humans and those with human blood, these zombies are always humanoid in appearance. They are effectively mindless, though a small spark of intelligence still glimmers in their eyes. Their only purpose, unless they are controlled by a higher intelligence, is to spread the red death.

Special Attacks: A red death zombie retains all the special attacks of the base creature and also gains those listed below.

Disease (Ex): Crimson scourge – touch or contact with blood, Fortitude save (DC 18), incubation period 1d4 hours; 1d6 Con.

Special Qualities: A red death zombie retains all the special qualities of the base creature and gains those listed below.

Fast Healing (Ex): Red death zombies have fast healing 3.

Abilities: Str +3, Dex +0, Int reduced to 2, Wis changes to 10, Cha reduced to 3. As undead creatures, red death zombies have no Con score.

ECL: 1/2 HD - 1

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