After the Godwar, halflings were cast adrift. They had been created as personal servants to the Old Ones, but the Old Ones were gone, and the New Gods did not wish to employ servants as their predecessors had. So, the halflings sought out quiet, isolated places where they could contemplate the world and their place in it. Over the millenia, this has turned into a pursuit of spiritual enlightenment in general. They reside in remote villages, going about simple lives free of petty concerns. The more spiritually-inclined live in monasteries, where they contemplate deeper mysteries.

When a halfling comes of age, he or she is sent forth on a spiritual journey to gain knowledge of, and insight into, the world outside of the halfling lands. The halflings most often encountered by outsiders are these "sojourners", as they are called, though halfling monasteries welcome all those who come seeking respite, peace, or spiritual enlightenment.

Halflings (and, independently, hobgoblins) have developed martial arts as a way to focus themselves and their minds. They are willing to teach these arts to those who come seeking wisdom. Monastic halflings are those who primarily train in the martial arts, and who are most experienced.

Personality: Young halflings are full of energy, happy, and prone to jokes and telling tales. As they age and delve further into their studies, they become quieter and more centered, though their sense of humor can still manifest itself in subtle ways. They are quick to forgive those who are repentant, as admission of mistakes leads to greater wisdom.

Physical Description: Halflings are short (about 3 1/2 to 4 feet tall) but are well-proportioned. They are almost always lean and athletic. Halflings have short, curly hair that varies from dark blond to brown, and eyes in shades of blue, green, and gray.

Table 1: Height and Weight by Gender

Gender Base Ht. Ht. Mod Base Wt. Wt. Mod
Male 3' 9" +2d4 60 lb. ×(1d3) lb.
Female 3' 7" +2d4 50 lb. ×(1d3) lb.

Relations: Halflings get along with nearly everyone but elves, who look down on all non-elves equally. For the most part, other races view them as harmless and leave them alone.

Alignment: Halflings are primarily neutral. They believe that all things rely on a balance of forces, and leaning too far toward any extreme can blind one to true enlightenment.

Lands: Halflings live in the mountains, high among the cliffs and crags, where they build their monasteries and temples.

Religion: Halflings have no gods (and thus no clerics or paladins); their spirituality is entirely devoted to concepts, not actual beings.

Languages: Halflings speak their own language, which uses the Common alphabet, and Common.

Names: Halfling names, both first and last, are lyrical and easy to pronounce.

Male Names: Cadassa, Kele, Manoa, Maleko, Punua, Setomo

Female Names: Camaarine, Halani, Latasi, Leilani, Naile, Olina, Sukori

Adventurers: Most halfling adventurers are sojourners. They are primarily fighters or monks. Druids are rare among the halflings, but some follow the paths of the elements or the beasts; likewise, wizards are rare, but some seek magic as a way to quantify and study the world around them. Sorcery is unheard of among the halflings, but many have developed psionic ability instead. Some become rangers who serve as hunters and guides among the hills and mountains of their homelands. Of the other classes, barbarians are too chaotic and unpredictable for halflings; thievery is an alien concept (they attach little value to objects on the whole), but some halflings may become rogues to enhance their agility and complement their martial arts training; bards are rare, as most of their wisdom is written down and they have little use for entertaining songs or tales.

Table 1: Random Starting Ages

Adulthood Barbarian,
Rogue, Sorcerer
Bard, Fighter
Paladin, Ranger
Cleric, Druid
Monk, Wizard
20 years +2d4 +3d6 +4d6

Racial Traits

- Small size. A Small character gets a +1 size bonus to Armor Class, a +1 size bonus on attack rolls, and a +2 size bonus on Stealth checks. A Small character's carrying capacity is three-quarters of that of a Medium character.

A Small character generally moves about two-thirds as fast as a Medium character (base land speed 20 feet instead of 30).

A Small character must use smaller weapons than a Medium character.

Racial Abilities

Athletic (Ex): Halflings have a +2 racial bonus on Climb and Jump checks.

Keen-Eared (Ex): Halflings receive a +1 racial bonus on Perception checks. At 5th level, and every five levels thereafter, the bonus increases by +1.

Strong-Willed (Ex): Halflings have increased mental acuity, which gives them greater resistance to mind-affecting effects. They gain a +2 bonus to all saves against such effects; at 10th level and every 10 levels thereafter, this bonus increases by +1.

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