Humans have the widest range of characteristics of any race, and their tendency to interbreed with others of differing type widens the pool even further. They have adapted to live in almost any climate and any terrain; this, coupled with their ability to rapidly reproduce, has enabled them to create a large empire rivalling that of the elves.

Like elven society, human society is class-based. An emperor rules the largest portion of human lands; he presides at the head of a government consisting of 24 senators who, in turn, oversee countless functionaries. Ordinary citizens are assigned jobs according to their abilities and propensities.

Also like the elves, humans keep slaves, but slaves have just as many rights as normal citizens - they can't be abused or killed without good reason, are well provided for, and can even buy their freedom. They are not, however, allowed to own property beyond that given to them by their owners, and cannot vote in government elections (senator is an elected position). Slaves can also gain freedom through military service; after a four-year term in the army, a slave is given a bar of gold, a parcel of land, and is assigned a job, or he can remain in the military as a free soldier.

Personality: Humans are curious and inquisitive, always incorporating bits and pieces of other cultures into their own. They are among the most varied of the races, capable of great evil and beatific good, oppression to rival the elves, or near anarchy. On the whole, humans are open, friendly, and always open to new experiences, learning new things, and seeing new sights.

Physical Description: Humans are among the tallest of the core races, ranging from 5'0" to 6'6" for men, and 5'0" to 5'10" for women. Facial features run from blocky to slender, almost elven bone structure, with everything in between. Body structure ranges from the slender, elven look to a short, stocky build that could easily be mistaken for a tall dwarf. Hair and eyes likewise run the range from pale, almost white, to black, and a rainbow of colors, from blue and green to black.

Table 1: Height and Weight by Gender

Gender Base Ht. Ht. Mod Base Wt. Wt. Mod
Male 4' 10" +2d10 120 lb. ×(1d4) lb.
Female 4' 8" +2d10 85 lb. ×(1d6) lb.

Relations: Humans mistrust elves at best and hate them at worst; they have a healthy respect for the orcs (and half-orcs) and gnolls, when they aren't outright warring. They view halflings' asceticism and pursuit of inner peace fascinating, and quickly adapted their martial arts. Gnomes are valued for their stores of knowledge and inventions, though the gnomes view humans' persistence and endless pestering for information annoying.

Alignment: Humans can be (and are) any alignment – as with their personalities, they run the spectrum from the heights of goodness to the depths of evil.

Lands: Humans can and do survive in almost any climate, from tropical jungles frozen tundra. Most human settlements, however, are in arable farmland or along waterways. They are among the most accepting of other races; it is common to see nonhumans in human cities.

Religion: Humans worship many gods, according to their beliefs and occupations.

Languages: Common. Many kingdoms have their own dialects as well; humans are fond of borrowing words and expressions from other languages, some of which eventually make their way into the common lingo in a corrupted form.

Names: Humans' names vary as widely as their cultures and physical features.

Adventurers: Humans far and away make up the largest portion of adventurers. They can be members of any class, as all are common. Sorcery runs strong in the human bloodlines - though no one knows exactly why - making them some of the most common and powerful sorcerers.

Table 2: Starting Age

Adulthood Barbarian,
Rogue, Sorcerer
Bard, Fighter
Paladin, Ranger
Cleric, Druid
Monk, Wizard
15 years +1d4 +1d6 +2d6

Racial Traits
- Medium size

Automatic Languages: Common.

Racial Abilities
Bonus Feat (Ex): At 1st level, 10th level, and every ten levels thereafter, a human gains a bonus feat. This can be any feat for which he qualifies, but he must meet the prerequisites for the bonus feat normally.

Bonus Skill Points (Ex): A human gains 1 extra skill point at each level.

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