Concentration (Con)

Use this skill to focus on a task.

Check: The character must make a Concentration check whenever he might potentially be distracted (by taking damage, by harsh weather, and so on) while engaged in some action that requires his full attention. Such actions include casting a spell, concentrating on an active spell, directing a spell, using a spell-like ability, or using a skill that would provoke an attack of opportunity. In general, if an action wouldn't normally provoke an attack of opportunity, he need not make a Concentration check to avoid being distracted.

If the Concentration check succeeds, he can continue with the action as normal. If the check fails, the action automatically fails and is wasted. If he was in the process of casting a spell of using a spell-like ability, the spell or use of the ability is lost. If he was concentrating on an active spell, the spell ends as if he had ceased concentrating on it. A skill use also fails; in some cases a failed skill check can have other ramifications as well.

The table below summarizes various types of distractions that require a Concentration check. If the distraction occurs while the character is trying to cast, concentrate on, or direct a spell, he must add the spell's level to the DC. If more than one type of distraction is present and they are separate (taking damage or being distracted by a spell), make a check for each one; if they are all ongoing (grappling, violent motion, and/or weather), use the highest DC.

Distraction Concentration DC1
Damaged during the action.2 10 + damage dealt + spell level
Taking continuous damage during the action.3 10 + half of continuous damage last dealt + spell level
Distracted by nondamaging spell.4 Distracting spell's save DC
Movement before casting 15 + 2 per 5 feet moved + spell level4
Vigorous motion (on a moving mount, a bouncy wagon ride, a small boat in rough water, belowdecks in a storm-tossed ship). 15 + spell level
Violent motion (on a galloping horse, a very rough wagon ride, in a small boat in rapids, on the deck of a storm-tossed ship). 20 + spell level
Extraordinarily violent motion (earthquake). 25 + spell level
Entangled. 15
Grappling or pinned. (The character can only cast spells without somatic components for which he has any required material component in hand.) Variable5
Weather is a high wind carrying blinding rain or sleet. 15 + spell level
Weather is wind-driven hail, dust, or debris. 20 + spell level
Weather caused by a spell, such as storm of vengeance.6 Distracting spell's save DC

1 If the PC is trying to cast, concentrate on, or direct a spell when the distraction occurs, add the spell's level to the indicated DC.

2 Such as during the casting of a spell with a casting time of 1 round or more, or the execution of an activity that takes more than a single full-round action (such as Disable Device). Also, damage stemming from an attack of opportunity or readied attack made in response to the spell being cast (for spells with a casting time of 1 standard action) or the action being taken (for activities requiring no more than a full-round action).

3 Such as from acid arrow.

4 If the caster tumbles or is tripped or knocked prone, add +10 to the DC. If the spell has only no somatic or material components, subtract -5 for each. A spell cast as a free action does not incur this Concentration check.

5 See the Grapple rules.

6 If the spell allows no save, use the save DC it would have if it did allow a save.

The PC can use Concentration to cast a spell, use a spell-like ability, or use a skill defensively. This doesn't apply to other actions that might provoke attacks of opportunity.

Casting a spell while on the defensive does not provoke an attack of opportunity. It does, however, require a Concentration check; the DC is 15 + the highest base attack bonus of any opponents that threaten him + 2 for each additional opponent + the spell's level. If the check fails, he loses the spell.

For example: Herne the cleric tries to cast a hold person spell with three opponents within reach; their BABs are +3, +5, and +10. The DC for his check is 15 + 10 (the highest BAB) + 4 (for each of the other two opponents) + 2 (hold person) = 31.

Action: None. Making a Concentration check doesn't take an action; it is either a free action (when attempted reactively) or part of another action (when attempted actively).

Try Again: Yes, though a success doesn't cancel the effect of a previous failure, such as the loss of a spell being cast or the disruption of a spell the PC was concentrating on.

Special: The Combat Casting feat grants a +4 bonus to Concentration checks made to cast a spell or use a spell-like ability while on the defensive or while grappling or pinned.

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