Diplomacy (Cha)

This skill enables the PC to influence others, swaying their opinion of him and his friends or changing the way they think of someone/something else.

Check: The PC can change the attitudes of others (NPCs) with a successful Diplomacy check using the Speechcraft system. In negotiations, participants roll opposed Diplomacy checks, and the winner gains the advantage. Opposed checks also resolve situations when two advocates or diplomats plead opposite cases in a hearing before a third party. When attempting to change attitudes, only one check can be made for a given NPC (or group, if the PC is attempting to influence all of them at once) per day.

Using the Diplomacy skill is the only way to change others' attitudes via influence.

Action: Changing others’ attitudes via persuasion or influence generally takes at least 1 full minute. In some situations, this time requirement may greatly increase. A rushed persuasion check can be made as a full-round action, but incurs a -10 penalty on the check.

Try Again: Varies (see above).

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