Knowledge (religion)

Knowledge (religion) covers all things related to the church - gods and goddesses, mythic history, ecclesiastic tradition, holy symbols, and undead. A PC can specialize in one particular faith or undead.

Gods and Pantheons

The PC is familiar with gods living and dead, and even those who have been forgotten for long ages or who belong to races other than his own.

On a DC 5 check, the PC can name the major gods of his race, and their portfolios. The DC increases for gods of other races and nations (if they follow different deities) – common races (orcs, gnolls, giants) or neighboring nations are DC 10-15, while less common races (troglodytes, kuo-toa, drow) are DC 20+. Note that if the PC belongs to a humanoid race, human and demihuman gods would be DC 15+, as humanoids seldom concern themselves with other races' gods.

On a DC 10+ check, the PC can recall a piece of information about a dead god or his followers – portfolios, locations of major temples, holy symbol, holy days, etc. The base DC is for major gods that have recently (within the last hundred years) been slain or otherwise faded away; for each additional hundred years, increase the DC by +5. If the god was a lesser deity or demigod, increase the DC by another 5-10.


The PC is conversant with a particular god(dess)'s faith, probably because he is part of it.

On a DC 10 check, the PC knows a useful piece of information about a church (not a particular temple, but the following of a given god in general) – the leader of the faith, where the major churches and temples are located, their holy symbol, rituals and holy days, and even some of the history. For every 5 points over the DC, he can recall another piece of useful information.

PCs can specialize in dead gods' faiths, though most see little use in this, as the gods are dead.


The PC is familiar with undead of all types - how to create and destroy them, their habits, abilities, and appearance.

On a DC 10 check, the PC can identify a common undead creature (anything that the DM deems common to the campaign world) on sight. This DC increases relative to the creature's uniqueness – less common undead are DC 15, and very rare or unique undead are DC 20+. On a check of DC 10 + ECL, he can recall some useful bit of information about the creature – intelligence, diet, abilities, etc.; for every 5 points over the DC, he can recall another piece of useful information. For templated undead, the DC is the same as that for identification.

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