Search (Int)

Use this skill to find things that are lost or hidden.

Check: The PC generally must be within 10 feet of the object or surface to be searched. The table below gives DCs for typical tasks involving the Search skill, based on the size of the item being sought.

Size DC
Fine 24
Diminutive 21
Tiny 18
Small 15
Medium 12
Large 9
Huge 6
Gargantuan 3
Colossal 0

In addition to the above, there are several conditions that can be applied to an object.

Object is very distinctive. The object has a unique appearance (and is instantly recognizable), gives off a noticeable smell or sound, or is otherwise fairly easy to spot. DC modifier: -4.

PC knows what the object looks like. The PC is looking for an object with which he is familiar – it can be his own, something he has seen before, or something that was described to him. DC modifier: +2 to +8.

PC doesn't know what the object looks like. The PC knows what he's looking for, but he doesn't know exactly what it looks like. This could be anything from a trail to a random piece of jewelry (a magic ring, e.g.) to a book (the title of which is known, but not its appearance). DC modifier: +4.

Object is concealed. The object is hidden, but not deliberately (it fell behind a desk, for instance), or is placed among many other objects of similar appearance (a book placed on a shelf). DC modifier: +6.

Object is hidden. The object is deliberately hidden in an attempt to prevent it from being found. Secret doors are considered hidden objects, as are objects concealed by illusions. DC modifier: +10.

Object is invisible. The object has been made invisible. Unless the seeker has a detect magic spell or some effect that lets him see/sense invisible objects, he must search for it by feel. A detect magic will instantly reveal its presence, if its magic aura is not blocked; if the seeker can see invisible objects but the object is still concealed or hidden, use that modifier instead. DC modifier: +20.

Action: It takes a full-round action to search a 5-foot-by-5-foot area or a volume of goods 5 feet on a side.

Special: An elf has a +2 racial bonus on Search checks, and a half-elf has a +1 racial bonus. An elf (but not a half-elf) who simply passes within 5 feet of a secret or concealed door can make a Search check to find that door.

Rogues have a bonus equal to half their class level to Search checks to find traps.

The spells explosive runes, fire trap, glyph of warding, symbol, and teleportation circle create magic traps that a rogue can find by making a successful Search check and then can attempt to disarm by using Disable Device. Identifying the location of a snare spell has a DC of 23. Spike growth and spike stones create magic traps that can be found using Search, but against which Disable Device checks do not succeed. See the individual spell descriptions for details.

Active Abjuration spells within 10 feet of each other for 24 hours or more create barely visible energy fluctuations. These fluctuations grant a +4 bonus on Search checks to locate such spells.

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